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Constitution of our board of directors.

Through improvements in productivity, quality and energy conservation the company maintains its competitive position in the industry and create value to all stake holders and customers.

Our Founder

Shri Satyadev Bhardwaj

Non-executive Chairman

Mr. Ravi Bhushan Bhardwaj

Managing Director

Pranav Bhardwaj

Whole-time Director

Mr. Ramchandra Vasant Dalvi

Board Of Directors :

Mr. Mattegunta Anjani Venkatramana Goutham

Independent, Non-executive Director

Mr. Sajiv Dhawan

Independent, Non-executive Director

Mr. Anand S. Kapre

(Independent, Non-executive Director)

Mr. Tirthnath Indranath Jha

Independent, Non-executive Director

Mrs. Neelam Kothari

Independent, Non-executive Director

Mrs. Vinita Bahri

Independent, Non-executive Director

Mr. Suhrit Ravi Bhushan Bhardwaj

Non-executive, Non-independent

Company Secretary

CS Ashutosh Mishra

Message from MD

As the managing director of sunflag steel, I am committed to our mission of delivering excellence in steel production. We prioritize innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team ensures the highest standards of quality, driving growth and success. Thank you for trusting sunflag steel.

Company Vision

Globally renowned for premium special steel solutions, pioneering excellence in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction worldwide.

Continuous improvement
Human Resources


Company Mission

To continually improve customer satisfaction and aim to achieve Customer delight to maintain Sustainable growth and return on investment.


ECT For Bars

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum defect depth and length (FBH)

  • 0.7 mm FBH from 15—60 mm dia
  • 1.2 mm FBH above 60 dia

Minimum defect depth and length (SDH)

  • 0.5 mm x 10 mm {from 15—120 mm dia)
  • 0.3 mm SDH sensitivity can deduced by
    extrapolation depending on material SNR.

Phased Array Auto Ultrasonic Testing Salient Features

Phased Array Technology

Phased Array testing is a specialized type of ultrasonic testing that uses sophisticated multi- element array transducers and powerful instrumentation/software to steer ultrasonic beams through the test piece and map returning echoes.

No rotating movement, only electronic scanning is done:

  • Depth focalization for bar volume inspection (LW)
  • Electronic steering for bar surface inspection (SW)

Quality Highlights:

Capacity — 15 to 120 mm dia. Full bar volume inspection

Sunflag R&D Lab Is Equipped With Following State Of The Art Equipment

  • Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X—Ray Spectroscope (SEM—EDS) of Make — JOEL
  • Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Facility of Make — Olympus / Blue Star
  • Optical Microscope with Automatic Multiaxis stage Movement and Image Analysis software
  • Micro—hardness tester
  • Ferritometer
  • NABL Certified Testing Lab
  • R & D Centre Recognised DSIR Government of India

Scanning Electron Microscope With Eds

  • Key Function

– Microstructure analysis
– Quantitative 8L qualitative Analysis of Inclusions

  • Failure Analysis
  • Fractography
  • Inclusion with quantitative elemental analysis

Salient Features

Dimension of samples that can be tested :

– Round Bars :

  • Size 15-120 mm die.
  • Length 800mm
  • Round Corner Square Bars:
  • Size 60420 mm

UST Prob: 10 MHz — 6mm As Per Sep 1927