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Steel bars applications and their usages

In the manufacturing industry, steel bars constitute as an imperative component. In fact, for any industry that depends upon machineries, steel bars act as a core element. Steel bars cannot be replaced in the industry because whether they are concrete, wood or synthetic fibers- their anti-corrosion properties, durability, strength and reliability factor of stain steel […]

Discuss the most common uses for Spring Steel


Spring steel is popularly referred to as an annealed spring steel and “general use” steel. Spring steel is generally classified in different categories such as a low alloy, medium carbon steel or high carbon steel with a very high yield strength. Spring steel has certain properties such as it is resistant to water, environmental and […]

The 5 Steps of Steel Manufacturing and Production

The 5 Steps of Steel Manufacturing and Production

Steel is easily one of the most popular construction and production alloys in the world. It is a versatile product that blends durability with cost effectiveness and flexibility to work with. India happens to be one of the top five producers of steel in the world. But while steel is a highly preferred production material, have you […]

What are Stainless steel reinforcing bars? How are they used?

What are Stainless steel reinforcing bars How are they used

If you have ever happened upon a construction site, chances are that you have come across stainless steel reinforcing bars without even realizing it. With their unique grooves, stainless finish, and incredible versatility – they are difficult to miss in this day and age of concrete jungles. But what exactly are they, and what function […]

The Environmental Impact of the Steel Industry

Environmental Impact of the Steel Industry

Like any modern day industry, the steel industry is one that has grown rapidly since the past several years. This is particularly true for India, which has massive amounts of natural resources to produce steel and other alloys. But in the twenty first century, we are approaching a host of environmental issues, such as climate […]

Getting The Perfect Mirror Finish For Stainless Steel

Getting The Perfect Mirror Finish For Stainless Steel

When working with stainless steel, a mirror finish is important – not just because it looks good but because it also has other benefits. In this article, we understand how to get the perfect mirror finish on your stainless steel. First, let us answer the main question: what is a mirror finish? As the name […]

What Does Carbon Steel Mean?

What Does Carbon Steel Mean?

Steel is easily one of the most versatile alloys to ever be created. From jewelry to kitchenware, railroads and skyscrapers – it has an important use in multiple industries across the globe. Given this versatility, it is only natural that different types of steel be created depending on what their use is. Of all the […]

What is the difference between Stainless Steel & Mild Steel

With different types of steel out there, it is understandable that there would be confusion about what each one means. Not only are they vastly different in their uses and durability, they are also made in different ways with very different components. Knowing what components different steel is made with is a great way to […]

What Are the Different Steel Welding Procedures?


Steel happens to be one of the most versatile alloys in production. Often made from recycled scrap metal, and combined with different metals to create different properties, it is used from structural strength to accessories. But as helpful as steel is, it would be nothing without the ability to weld it into different shapes and […]

Steel Flanges: What Are They, and How Do They Work?


Steel flanges are one of the most useful steel inventions in the world of machinery. Albeit only a connecting material, their design plays a massive role in how the entire machine functions. Flanges are metal rings – either forged or cast – which connect sections of pipes, or join the pipe to a pressure valve or another […]

ECT For Bars

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum defect depth and length (FBH)

  • 0.7 mm FBH from 15—60 mm dia
  • 1.2 mm FBH above 60 dia

Minimum defect depth and length (SDH)

  • 0.5 mm x 10 mm {from 15—120 mm dia)
  • 0.3 mm SDH sensitivity can deduced by
    extrapolation depending on material SNR.

Phased Array Auto Ultrasonic Testing Salient Features

Phased Array Technology

Phased Array testing is a specialized type of ultrasonic testing that uses sophisticated multi- element array transducers and powerful instrumentation/software to steer ultrasonic beams through the test piece and map returning echoes.

No rotating movement, only electronic scanning is done:

  • Depth focalization for bar volume inspection (LW)
  • Electronic steering for bar surface inspection (SW)

Quality Highlights:

Capacity — 15 to 120 mm dia. Full bar volume inspection

Sunflag R&D Lab Is Equipped With Following State Of The Art Equipment

  • Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X—Ray Spectroscope (SEM—EDS) of Make — JOEL
  • Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Facility of Make — Olympus / Blue Star
  • Optical Microscope with Automatic Multiaxis stage Movement and Image Analysis software
  • Micro—hardness tester
  • Ferritometer
  • NABL Certified Testing Lab
  • R & D Centre Recognised DSIR Government of India

Scanning Electron Microscope With Eds

  • Key Function

– Microstructure analysis
– Quantitative 8L qualitative Analysis of Inclusions

  • Failure Analysis
  • Fractography
  • Inclusion with quantitative elemental analysis

Salient Features

Dimension of samples that can be tested :

– Round Bars :

  • Size 15-120 mm die.
  • Length 800mm
  • Round Corner Square Bars:
  • Size 60420 mm

UST Prob: 10 MHz — 6mm As Per Sep 1927