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Tree Plantation on Environment Day Under Miyawaki Project at Bhandara

On June 5th, World Environment Day, Sunflag Steel celebrated by organizing a Tree Plantation program and proudly unveiling our Miyawaki Mini Forest in Bhandara. This significant event was graced by the presence of Mr. Lohit Matani (IPS), the SP of Bhandara, who officially inaugurated the forest. Numerous dedicated employees of Sunflag Steel participated in this initiative, demonstrating their commitment to improving the environment by planting trees.

The Miyawaki Forest offers a range of remarkable benefits. It allows for approximately three times more trees to be planted in the same area compared to traditional methods. Additionally, it supports at least 300% more species in the same space, fostering greater biodiversity. The Miyawaki method also provides a substantial 3000% increase in noise and dust reduction, creating a cleaner and quieter environment.

One of the most significant advantages of the Miyawaki Forest is its ability to absorb up to 30 times more CO2 compared to conventional plantations, which plays a crucial role in combating climate change. Moreover, this type of forest is maintenance-free and chemical fertilizer-free, ensuring that it sustains itself naturally while supporting local biodiversity. The Miyawaki Forest not only enhances the ecological health of the area but also beautifies the landscape, making the environment more enjoyable for everyone.

Sunflag Steel is proud to contribute to a greener and healthier planet through the Miyawaki Mini Forest initiative, reflecting our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and community well-being.

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Minimum defect depth and length (FBH)

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